Seamas Carey Music

Biils Attic

The House of bill

Photos: Thom Axon/Wild Works Theatre

Winter 2018

A Wildly Talented R&D Project for Wild Works Theatre.

Director and Composer - Seamas Carey. Lighting - Lucy Gaskell. Sound - Alastair Goolden.

“Bill Mitchell's attic can be found at the top of Sues house in Redruth. It's a Zen like, private shrine dedicated to creativity.

 Bill was the greatest hoarder. The proudest magpie. The ultimate Steptoe. It takes many visits to understand and truly note its complexity. It’s a huge 3D collage of disparate things, whilst also being an intricate filling cabinet of memories and future ideas.

 Bill created worlds. Whether they were enormous images stretched across vast landscapes, or tiny sculptural collages found in a shoebox.

My Aim is simple - to gently illuminate the smaller worlds. Using light, hidden sound, text, music and darkness, I want to create a brief, enlightening and touching Son et Lumiere experience in Bill’s attic, the centre of his imagination.”