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puffin island


Quirk Theatre & Exeter Phoenix 

The Plough Arts Centre & Exeter Phoenix Christmas 2018

Directed by Katie Villa - Music by Seamas Carey

“Nothing particularly out of the ordinary ever happens on Puffin Island, an unassuming little pile of rock just off the Devon coast. The puffins come and go each year, the islanders and mainlanders quarrel (about EVERYTHING) and then set aside their differences every year to celebrate the best day of the year – Puffin Day! 

Everything carries on as it always has… 

Until one bitterly cold Christmas Eve, a rather unexpected present washes up on the beach in a little boat – an orphaned baby boy. 

When the puffins disappear in the dead of night and no one knows why, this boy has the power to put things right.

But where have the puffins gone? And will he manage to bring them home?”

Lucy & The lost ones


Quirk Theatre & Exeter Phoenix 

The Plough Arts Centre & Exeter Phoenix Christmas 2017

Directed by Katie Villa. Music by Seamas Carey


"This is Lucy calling outer space, Lucy to outer space. Is anyone receiving me? 

Lucy has always wanted to be a scientist. The kind of scientist that looks at the stars and has loads of really cool gadgets. Lucy already has a telescope of her own. She even has her own observatory (garden shed), and last Christmas she asked for a radio receiver (and a signed poster of Brian cox). 

Every night, Lucy comes out to look at the stars and listen to the universe. And not very much happens… until one starry night, she hears something.

Something from outer space.

Following the highly praised Ernie and the Sea of Ice, Quirk and Exeter Phoenix return with an extra special production to celebrate 15 years of family Christmas shows.

Get ready for a hilarious, touching and thought provoking rollercoaster ride through the space-time continuum, featuring anoriginal soundtrack, a wonderfully imaginative set and Quirk’s well-honed sense of the ridiculous."

ernie & the sea of ice

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Quirk Theatre

The Plough Arts Centre & Exeter Phoenix: Christmas 2016

Directed by Katie Villa. Music by Seamas Carey.

I composed an entirely recored soundtrack for this lovely Christmas show, plus Ernie's Smoking Concert Song and The Singing Penguins 3 part harmony a cappella song. 



"Following the rip-roaring success of The King With Donkey’s Ears, Quirk Theatre and Exeter Phoenix present their fourteenth annual Christmas show, bringing original music and innovative and highly entertaining live theatre to nearly four thousand people at Christmas time.

Join us, 100 years after Ernest Shackleton’s famous expedition, and follow in the great man’s footsteps with a wonderfully silly and exceptionally inventive tale for all the family.

Setting off on the good ship Endurance with a brave crew, Ernie’s dream comes true – an adventure across the ice to the frozen world of Antarctica. Battling through huge seas and snow storms until…CRACK! The ship gets stuck in the ice. An unbelievable tale of derring-do, pure determination, penguins and Great British spirit!"