Seamas Carey Music


Seamas carey meets his 4 year old self

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Photo: Steve Tanner

Directed by Agnieszka Blonska. Music and concept by Seamas Carey. Choir conducted by Vicky Abbott.

Newlyn Art Gallery Autumn 2016 + Cornwall Mini Tour  Spring 2017

This is/was a very exciting solo project. It will return. The album is coming soon...


"Seamas Carey presents a strange evening of heartwarming and ridiculous songs; plus a choir, time travel, nostalgia probing, rave music and tap dancing.

One day Seamas found an old cassette tape in the back of his car, on which he discovered recordings of himself as a 4 year old boy, telling stories and singing his heart out. He knew then that he had to do something with these artefacts of posterity and drag them into the present day.

The end result is 60 minutes of remixed and recomposed songs, arranged for a choir whilst Seamas plays piano, talks about growing up and occasionally dances. Suitable for anyone who is a child, or has been a child."