Seamas Carey Music



Cscape Dance Company 

Trebah Gardens Cornwall: July 2016

Choreography by Tom Jackson Greaves. Written by Anna Maria Murphy. Music by Seamas Carey.

I scored an entirely recorded soundtrack for this outdoor dance project. The music was influenced by Hans Zimmer, Bernard Herrmann and Les Baxter.  


"Take the plunge, the water’s lovely, taste the wine and the salty bubbly On a storm filled night when clouds were the colour of bad tempers, the briny sea separated Neptune from his son Neleus. But it’s been years and today, something has washed up on the beach that is neither fish nor bird nor boat. It’s the morning of The Neptunalia Ball, but what or who has arrived? Told through dance, story and installation, this is an odyssey of growing up and leaving home. Of prodigal sons and daughters, tattoo parlours, journeys and mysteries.

Cscape Dance Company collaborate with writer Anna Maria Murphy (Kneehigh/BBC Radio 4) and Cornish dancer/choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves (Matthew Bourne/Kneehigh) to bring you Neptunalia at Trebah: a feast for the heart, soul and belly; culminating in celebrations, food, drinks and dancing on the beach."