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Photo: Michael Eddy

Two Punks & A Tandem

UK Tour Spring 2015

Directed by Jim Carey. Scripted by Callum Mitchell. Original Music by Seamas Carey.


This was a wonderful, wacky, high voltage yet tender show that told the true story of Callum's dad 'Mitch' and his mates in Cornwall during the mid 80's. Devised by three of us, this production had a short but highly satisfying life. 


"England, 1985. EastEnders debuts on BBC One, Everton are crowned champions of the football league, Jennifer Rush tops the charts with The Power Of Love and big hair is all the rage. But Britain’s youth are restless... And in the small seaside town of Penzance in Cornwall, two men are about to embark on a sponsored bike ride that will change many lives forever.

Set against the backdrop of Thatcher’s bleak and broken Britain, Two Punks And A Tandem is a hilarious, moving and madcap adventure, brought to life with poetry, puppets and live music. This is not just the story of two men, but a generation. It is an ode to the importance and power of community, of taking a stand and refusing to give up the fight, no matter how hard it gets.

Produced with support from Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Billy Bragg, Kneehigh & Radio 4 writer Annamaria Murphy and renowned artist Anthony Frost (both were involved in the original fundraising back in 1985). It will be funded by an online community we have established through the crowdsourcing website, Kickstarter."

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Photo: Mae Voogd

The Elves & The Shoemaker

UK National Tour: Autumn 2015 & Christmas Run: Colchester Arts Centre

Directed by Jim Carey. Scripted by Callum Mitchell. Music by Seamas Carey

A good fun, small scale touring show which incorporated live music, puppetry and a large amount of foolishness. It toured up and down the British Isles until it bedded down in its Christmas home of Colchester. 


"Three lost children wander through a dark forest at dusk in search of their missing father. As the night creeps closer, they stop to rest to share some of the weird and wonderful stories they’ve heard along the way. Hear the tale of The Elves & The Shoemaker, discover the fate of The Gingerbread Man and laugh in astonishment at The Emperor’s New Clothes!

But will the children ever find their way home again? What has happened to their father? And just who is the evil creature that haunts the forest, turning anything that moves into ice?

A magical new show from Silly Boys (creators of The Tallest Horse on Earth), The Elves & The Shoemaker is a hilarious, wacky and heart-warming take on some of the world’s favourite fairy tales. Reimagined using puppetry, live music and a huge dose of silliness!"


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Photo: Nick Strangelove

The Tallest Horse On Earth

UK National Tour Spring & Autumn 2013

Directed by Jim Carey. Scripted by Callum Mitchell. Music by Seamas Carey. 


This was Silly Boys' first creation. We made it in my granny's attic on a zero budget. It was a simple and charming puppet show that toured rurally to village halls all over the UK. Good fun!


"This is the story of Tim, a little boy who happens to be the proud owner of the tallest horse on earth… Or so he thinks! When Tim embarks on an adventure, he has only one trusty companion in mind. Together, the duo will explore the countryside, meeting lost children and magical creatures along their way and resulting in an epic crusade of the smallest proportions.

Will Tim learn to love the wild? What’s the real deal with this giant horse? And most importantly, will they make it home in time for tea? A warm-hearted puppet show told with live music, shadow puppetry and a large dollop of giant smashing. "